Allow "No Data on Opening of Dashboard" Option for Gauges/Indicators

10-30-2018 08:01 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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If gauges or indicators update based on a selection in a list, it would be a beneficial option for the gauges/indicators to start by showing "no data" until a selection is made. Non-technical users may find it confusing for the gauge/indicator to be showing data from the first listing by objectid (or by whatever method the list is sorted upon startup) before they have selected something from a list to view. For example, if I have a dashboard that includes a sales information list and sales ratio gauge for Assessors, the sales ratio gauge on opening of the application shows the first sale sorted in the list. I believe it would be more user-friendly if the option to show no data was available.


Yes! For charts as well. Any updates or work-arounds? 

Status changed to: In Product Plan

This is something we are actively working on and will be available  to try when ArcGIS Dashboards Beta is refreshed early in 2021. 



@patrickb  any update on the topic? I still can't see this option in the Dashboard Beta version.


Is this feature currently available in Dashboard Beta?


Yes, please. I would like this option to show a blank (or custom) details window until a selection is made.


Strongly need default values management... It is impossible to use the dashboard if on the first page load it displays non sense data :\ We can't present this to our users.


+ 1. It should be possible to manage the default value when no data is returned by the indicator.

For example, we monitor water release and data is logged only when there is released water. No Data = No water released but the user sees "No Data" and has no ideas about the true situation.


Hello there, 

just a little update: as workaround i found useful to add a fake-raw at the top of the the dataset i was using within the dashboard.

By setting in this fake raw all the default attributes i wanted , i was able to visualize "No Data" and all the others default values i was looking for in the dashboard opening page.

I understand this could not be a workaround for all the situations, but in my case was very useful. 

Hope this could help some of you.