Allow "No Data on Opening of Dashboard" Option for Gauges/Indicators

10-30-2018 08:01 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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If gauges or indicators update based on a selection in a list, it would be a beneficial option for the gauges/indicators to start by showing "no data" until a selection is made. Non-technical users may find it confusing for the gauge/indicator to be showing data from the first listing by objectid (or by whatever method the list is sorted upon startup) before they have selected something from a list to view. For example, if I have a dashboard that includes a sales information list and sales ratio gauge for Assessors, the sales ratio gauge on opening of the application shows the first sale sorted in the list. I believe it would be more user-friendly if the option to show no data was available.


I agree this is a useful thing to have an option for widgets to only show data when a selection is made (as opposed to showing all records on first load etc)

I agree too.  We have users who would benefit from this.  In addition please make it so that author can control the indicator "text" when there is no selection to trigger the users to make a selection... i.e. "make a selection"

Very useful. Would also be good to see this functionality applied to Filters (date/category) as well as Lists - data is not populated UNTIL the filter is selected. At the moment we have people confused at seeing all this data before they even make a selection!


I agree. This could speed of loading times as well. Any update on this idea?

David Nyenhuis‌ Any update on this?

I'd like to have this implemented too! so I could stop explaining to users why they see details of something when they haven't picked anything yet.  and don't forget about embedded content widgets too  my Survey123 forms displaying when the user hasn't selected anything is confusing

Just to echo the comments above I think this would be really useful from both a performance and user friendliness point of view. In our case I'd like to be able to use three linked category selectors to browse through a nested geographical hierarchy and then update various lists once a selection has been made in the third selector.

The features associated with each level are:

  • Level 1: 30 zones
  • Level 2: 700 zones
  • Level 3: 2000+ zones

So once the user selects one of the 30 zones from the first level only then does the level 2 list get populated and so on.  The way it currently works is that all 2730 features get loaded in when they don't really need to be.  

I think I did try apply a predefined filter to levels 2 or 3 which would initially return no results but that doesn't get overwritten by the selection of a feature at level 1, so they always end up showing no results.

Definitely have a great need for blank widgets especially when they are cascading/dependent on other widgets.  For instance, one list displays information as a result of a filter from another.  By default it can be confusing for users to see information that is not relevant until something is chosen.

Biggest source of confusion for my users is that they see data displayed in charts when they open the dashboard.  They have no idea what it is because nothing is selected.  This needs to happen for not only guages and indicators but for charts and the details element as well.