Allow multiple data sources for widgets in Operations Dashboard

05-18-2015 02:17 PM
Esri Contributor

Currently you are only allowed to use one map/feature service per widget in Operations Dashboard. This severely limits your ability to create useful comparison charts. I am trying to create a simple bar chart showing the count of crimes between 2 weeks of data. The only way to do this is create 2 chart widgets. I can do this in Excel in a matter of seconds. This is what I am trying to create...

Completely agree!
For instance, I want to use Gauge widget for repairs management. I need to see how many objects have been repaired in comparison with all objects that need to be repaired.
At the moment I can only see the number of all objects that need to be repaired or the number of objects that have been already repaired separately.

many instances where this would be useful... please vote!

There's another idea about that: Add multiple data sources in a dashboard tool

But if you have your data in one layer, you can split your bar charts by another attribute. Yet this doesn't help if you want to compare two separate data sources (e.g. 2 feature layers) in the same chart.

Waiting for this!

Hi!  Does anyone know if there has been any response or follow-up to this idea?

I have another request.

I have a dataset classified by land categories presented in a webmap and a serial chart (graph).  I've linked them to respond when selection changes. (e.g. highlight features in the map, or select a bar in the graph, the other element responds accordingly).  I would like to split the dataset up and present each category into a separate filtered layer.  However, the graph appears to only be able to link to one map layer.

@ArthurPoon  It looks like you’ve included a secondary ideas to this request, and this doesn’t really adhere to our Submission Guidelines. Is there any change you could separate your idea into a separate submissions?

Status changed to: Under Consideration

@KevinArmstrong1  We can/will think of ways to accommodate more than one data set per dashboard element for a future release. Via data modeling/manipulation, you should be able to achieve the chart illustrated using a dashboard's serial chart element, and the ability to manually create multiple-series when the chart is configured to derive its categories from 'Features'. This workaround, however, will not work for all elements, and this is why we need to think about the idea in more detail.