Add reporting and ability to export to CSV

12-28-2017 11:10 AM
Status: Implemented
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I recently created my first operations dashboard for use with Survey123 and was a bit disappointed to find i couldn't create reports or export any data.  It would be super helpful for if you could create custom reports and export your filter selections in dashboard to a csv file.


Would really like to have the ability to export a selection of data out of Operations Dashboard (that I am pulling in from Workforce) into a csv file. This will make it much easier for those who have zero GIS experience, and have very limited computer experience to download daily reports on their work for their records. I know, the purpose of an electronic work order is to reduce paper, but we still have some diehards who want paper so this functionality would be fantastic!


I really enjoy operation dashboard and providing this to others in our organization.  If this can be implemented, it would provide a function that I think users would intuitively want.  This would be really useful for operations dashboard users after they have filtered and/or query to immediately export to csv or excel.  The experience of having to jump to another application and redo the filter and/or selection all over again is not optimal.  So they would be less likely to do this. 


Operations Dashboard is becoming the preferred tool at our Water District for monitoring inputs from daily GIS enabled workflows utilizing Collector and Survey123.  The results displayed in the Dashboard often need to be communicated to others.  For example, if our Engineering Analyst sees there are some large meters that haven't yet been tested she sends a list of those meters to the company contracted to do the work.  The ability to export records right from the filtered list out to CSV or Excel would allow her to complete the workflow without changing to some other app or asking me to make the list.  It appears from the comments in this blog that the idea has been around for quite some time and is a popular request.  Hopefully it can be accomplished soon.


This functionality is the one key missing feature we need here. Our field managers use the dashboards frequently to get information on the current state of affairs, and to report metrics. The ability to generate a tabular report would speed this up, and exporting to CSV would help them transfer that data to their working documents. The tabular report part seems like you could simply display the bar graph as a table instead of a chart.


I also agree that being able to at least export a list to a CSV from ArcGIS Operations Dashboard would benefit my organization; our colleagues here on ESRI have been suggesting now for over a year, what is the holdup? How many votes ESRI requires? Thank you


I'm currently working on a dashboard for AVL and the ability to export records to CSV is a must. We get many requests related to lawsuits that require us to report out where and when vehicles traveled in a format that can be shared easily with attorneys. Please add this functionality ASAP.


Exporting data (especially as a CSV) would be highly useful for consumers of our dashboards. Dashboards are ideal for information presentation and aggregation. An export capability would be necessary so that information can then be consumed and used as data in other applications.


And in PDF format as well, it would be very useful if the users, once they have filtered the data they want to visualize, they could print a report with the data in tabular and charts and geo-spatial information also


We will soon start the developement of an application with Dashboard for one of our customer and one of their main concern is that they want to be able to print the dashboard. The most obvious way to do that would be to export the different component in a PDF file.


This is a must for us to quickly export potentially impacted assets.