What’s new in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

03-30-2020 05:29 AM

What’s new in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta continues to have much of the same functionality as ArcGIS Dashboards but includes some new features and an enhanced user experience. Details of the beta release are listed below. We recommend that public sharing and production use of your beta dashboards be done cautiously. Since this is a beta, there is a risk of instability and that bugs will be present. For additional questions, see the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta FAQ. 

  • ArcGIS Online is moving to use HTTPS throughout the entire platform. In the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, URLs used throughout your dashboard will need to be HTTPS. This includes URLs in the embedded content and rich text elements, logo and background images in the header element, and anywhere else a URL is used. Learn more about the HTTPS move here  

  • Arcade expressions can now be authored in the list and indicator elements to customize how your data points render. Learn more about the new Arcade support in this post and this article

  • Pop-ups in a map element will see a more consistent design between what was configured in their web map, including Arcade expressions and image rotations. 
  • Supported data sources for elements now include CSV layers and feature collections. When adding a map with CSV layers or feature collections, you can now leverage them as data sources for elements and use them for actions. 

  • Number patterns that are automatically formatted based on a user’s locale can now be overridden using new configuration options. Learn more about new number formatting here.

  • When choosing colors for text, background and other element components, along with the existing color pallet and hex code field, you can now also choose to enter in RGB values or use HSL syntax.  

  • Percentiles are now available as a statistic type. When configuring an indicator, gauge, or serial chart element, select percentile, specify the percentile value, and whether you want discrete or continuous distribution. Learn more about using percentiles as a statistic in this article.        

  • Improvements to the count statistic now allow you to choose whether you want to count by value or distinct value when configuring an indicator, gauge, serial chart, or pie chart element. Learn more about the improvements to the count statistic in this article. 

  • When adding a date filter, if you choose a relative filter, for example “is within the last”, you now have the option to choose weeks, months, quarters, or years. 

  • URL parameters have a new structure. When using the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, you will no longer need to include a question mark (?) before your parameter. You can simply add your parameters to the end of your dashboard’s URL. For example: MyOrg.arcgis.com/apps/dashboards/1234567#param1=value


ArcGIS Dashboards Beta is the greatest thing. It has so much added capabilities, especially in terms of the arcade expressions. Thank you for releasing this!!! Burning question, when is it going to be released for ArcGIS Enterprise AKA Portal? 

It sounds as though it will be available in Enterprise/Portal when it moves from Beta.  I'm looking forward to it as well.  Been specifically wanting the Arcade functionality for a long time.

Did ArcGIS Dashboards Beta take away the ability to use a hosted table as a data source? Most of my existing dashboard is set up that way.

It unfortunately did, as written in this known limitations document. I'm not sure if the point that says "Supported data sources for elements now include CSV layers and feature collections. When adding a map with CSV layers or feature collections, you can now leverage them as data sources for elements and use them for actions. "means that table layers are now supported. Maybe Noora Golabi would be able to clarify?

This is correct. Tables are not currently supported in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta as a data source. This is something the team is currently working on.

Thank you for clarifying.

I have a question about URL params - I see the note about not requiring the "?" before the param string. I made a test dashboard with a category param and in order to get it to work, I had to enter a "#" character in the URL after my item id in the before the "param = value" part. Is this how it is intended to work - that the ? has to be replaced with a "#" symbol? Thanks! Noora Golabi

That is correct Dylan Trerise‌! Use # instead.

Can I ask what the reasoning is to change from "?" to "#"? 

Dylan Trerise

The developers informed us that it was a better choice for the beta from an implementation point of view. I don't have details on why exactly why we made that change. Sorry I can't provide you that info. I don't actually know.

I am not able to use Views in Dashboard Beta.  Is this something that will change?

Actually, I am not able to use any of my ArcGIS Server services in Beta.....


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