What's new in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta 2

2 weeks ago

What's new in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta 2

The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta has updated with new features along with improvements to functionality and stability. Details of the release are listed below. We continue to recommend that public sharing and production use of your beta dashboards be done cautiously. Since this is a beta, there is a risk of instability and that bugs will be present. For a list of known limitations, see the Known limitations page and for additional questions, see the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta FAQ. 


  • Dashboard authors can now configure elements to only render when a selection is made elsewhere on the dashboard. When configuring target elements for filter actions, authors can enable Render only when filtered to have dashboard users make a selection on the source element before the target visualization renders. Authors can also customize the message shown on target elements when a selection is required. Learn more about selection-based display.
  • A new dashboard setting has been introduced to allow dashboard authors to disable element expansion. In your dashboard settings, in the General tab, you can disable Allow element expansion. When disabled, dashboard elements cannot be expanded at run-time. 
  • Pop-ups configured to show related data are now supported in a dashboard’s map and in the Details element.  
  • Date-based serial charts that enable parse dates can now choose to connect gaps caused by missing data points. In the Series tab, use the Connect Gaps toggle button to connect or disconnect gaps in your data. Learn more in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta help document.  
  • Standalone tables are now supported as a data source in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta. When selecting a data source for your element, table layers will be available for selection*. Existing dashboards with table data sources powering one or more elements will now open with those elements rendered.  
    *Tables that originate from a map service are not yet supported.

Are there any plans to make dashboards responsive web apps? Currently, I have to make a "desktop" and a "mobile" version of my dashboards. Then I have to use ArcGIS Experience Builder to switch out the dashboards based on the browser window size. I got that idea from someone in the Community and it has been a huge help, but it is far from perfect.

Using Experience Builder to switch between the two dashboards does fix the issue of one URL for both dashboard versions and not having to train the public or staff to pick the right dashboard based on the device they are using. However, process of switch from "desktop" to "mobile" is a bit jarring because Experience Builder must load the other dashboard each time the browser window changes from one screen category to another. Also, the user is presented with two different loading screens, one for Experience Builder and another for Dashboard.

I think would be ideal if the dashboard and its widgets had a responsive web design. The dashboard content adjusts to the form factor provided without having to reload anything. I know this is easier said than done, but it provides the best user experience.

If a responsive web design is not feasible, then please at least copy the fuctionality from Experience Builder to support switching the content based on the browser window. That would at least cut out whatever extra overhead there is from Experience Builder and let us use only one URL.

Hi - 

Does this yet have the capability to export a .CSV of the data selected?  This has been one of the longest requested features for ArcGIS Dashboards over the past few years and the biggest reason why we cannot use the tool as often as we would like.  Any hints as to when that might be available?


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