Try your dashboards in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

2 weeks ago

Try your dashboards in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

Did you know that the home page for the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta shows all your dashboards, whether they were created in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta or not?  

  1. From the app launcher, choose Dashboards Beta.

On the home page, you will see all your dashboards. The ones that have already been created with the beta are distinguished with a badge.  


      2. Click Edit NooraGolabi_2-1610140925982.jpegto open your dashboard with the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta.  

      3. Optionally, click View NooraGolabi_3-1610140925982.pngto view your dashboard in the beta.  

That’s it! You can now configure your dashboard as you normally would. 

Save a copy of your dashboard in the beta 

Once you’ve opened a dashboard in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, configure it as you would any other dashboard. If you edited a dashboard created with an older version of ArcGIS Dashboards, you will be prompted to save a copy. Saving a copy ensures that nothing happens to your dashboard as the Beta evolves.  

To save your dashboard as a copy, do the following:  

  1. Open your existing dashboard in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta (see above). 
  2. Make any changes to your dashboard.  
  3. Click Save NooraGolabi_4-1610140925982.png.
  4. In the Save as... window, the title, tags, and summary will populate with the same information as your original dashboard. The title will have (copy) added to it. You can change the information as desired.  
  5. Click Save 

When you return to the home page, you will see two copies of your dashboard; your original will remain unchanged and your new copy will be saved as a beta dashboard (you’ll notice the ‘beta’ badge) 

Although we continue to recommend that you use caution when sharing beta dashboards publicly to large audiences, we do encourage you to try opening all your dashboards in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta and trying the new features available! 




Hi Noora.
I have a question
I am working with Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards.
I have a list with various attributes, many of the answers for these attributes are Yes or No.
Is there any way to configure the list in such a way that if the answer of my attribute is "Yes" it will show one color and if it is "No" it will show another color.
I know how to do it in Map Viewer when configuring the popup, but I don't know how to configure this in a list in ArcGIS Dashboards.
Is this possible?

Thank you

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