Known Limitations

01-12-2021 06:49 AM

Known Limitations

With the release of the ArcGIS Dashboards beta, the team has put together a list of known limitations that users may encounter. Most dashboards will open without issue in the beta. The following table contains the current known limitations. Dashboards that include functionality labeled as Not supported may not open or the elements that rely on the functionality may not render properly. 

Layer Types  Tables originating from a Map Service Not supported. 
 OGC (WFS)  Not supported. 
Statistics Count distinct  Distinct counts for map services created in 10.8.1 and earlier may display incorrect values. 
ActionsFollow feature  Not supported.
 Feature URL parameters 

Zoom, Flash, Pan and Show Pop-up actions are not applied when targeting a map. 

Filter action is not applied when using the spatial method. 

Maps  Multiple projections  Maps with layers in different projections may not display the correct features when using a map extent filter. 
 Image symbols  Image symbols hosted in ArcGIS Online do not render in the map element. 
Pop-Ups  Visible features Non-visible features still appear in the pop-up.
 Cluster pop-upsThe pop-up for a cluster doesn’t provide the option to view details for each feature in the cluster.
 Heat map pop-upsNot supported.
Localization Locale
Numbers and dates will reflect the locale, but strings will not be translated and will appear in English.


Map and layer functionality that is not listed as supported in the Map Viewer Beta compatibility guide are also unsupported in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta.  



Very useful to know and hope to solve the hosted table support soon, my dashboard was hit very hard with the beta



I feel your pain...after trying to get this table to work, I stumbled upon this document and yelled at the sky! So many good advancements, in the beta, just really need "table" support!

Is the above a static list? Or as users come across issues are they been added? Media in Details elements doesn't work. This is a known issue and not on the list (Has the enable media in the details block changed in the Dashboards Beta?). Thanks.

Just got the error  "exceeded transfer limit error" with ArcGIS Dashboards Beta. This is with a serial chart.

Would like to know how I can solve this.

Anthony Twesigye

We recently fixed a few issues with that error appearing in serial charts. You shouldn't see this error once the beta is released again (Date TBD)

Any luck to adding functionality for tables in Dashboards Beta?  Very glad to see the Arcade pop-up support, but no tables is a deal breaker for now. Thanks!

John Solly Great to know this is being fixed. Lets hope we have the Beta version released soon.

The spatial method using URL parameters is something we use a lot in the current version and is something we'd love to see in the next release 

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