Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

04-03-2020 08:32 AM

Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta fully supports all map authoring customization using ArcGIS Arcade. In addition, the beta allows for users to compose Arcade expressions directly into ArcGIS Dashboards for both the list and indicator elements, enabling customization of how data points are rendered.

See the attached Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta document for help with authoring Arcade expressions in beta dashboards. Additionally, keep an eye out for blog posts on the ArcGIS Blog for walkthroughs, examples, and more.  

Arcade in ArcGIS Dashboards Beta FAQ

In the list and indicator, can we use Arcade fields (i.e. attribute expressions) authored in the web map?  
Attribute expressions written for the web map pop-up will render in the map’s pop-up and in the details element, but will not be available outside of those contexts. They use a profile specific for that context and execute on-click while expressions for dashboard elements use a different profile made for those contexts.  

Can I use my Arcade fields to filter on or run statistics on? 
Attribute expressions that were created for the pop-up are specific to the pop-up in your web map and are not fields on your layer. Applying filters and running aggregation statistics can be done only on fields defined for the layer. New fields can be created and values calculated for them.

Can I use featureSet functions in my expression?  
Feature set functions (i.e., queries) are only supported in certain Arcade profiles. In web maps, they are supported for the pop-up but not for symbols or labels, as each have a unique context and way they are executed. In dashboards, they are supported in the map element's pop-ups and the details element but not in list and indicator elements, given their context and execution patterns.



As of right now, Beta seems to not allow Views or ArcGIS Server Services.......?

Just created a dashboard using BETA, it’s great to have Arcade in the ArcGIS Dashboard. However, Arcade can be more powerful in BETA if it able to integrate with other functionalities, such as sorting on List, or generating series on charts. These can be easily achieved if we able to use the attributes that created by Arcade expression on other functionalities or perhaps widgets' scope.

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