06-23-2020 10:47 PM
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Hi everyone, my name is Sol and I just started to pick up working GIS software about 3 weeks ago. I'm a pretty big novice, only used ArcGIS a handful of times over my studies but now have to work almost full time with it for my PhD. 
In the previous weeks, I used QGIS but am happy to join the ArcGIS community now. 

Looking forward to learning a lot.


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Welcome Sol! Nice that you're picking up working with GIS again. This space is focused specifically on Dutch content from Esri Netherlands. Information and blogs can be found on this space. Any questions about our content can be posted here, but more analysis related kind of questions might be better suitable on other spaces, like the Geoprocessing space, because the users in that space have more knowledge about those type of questions. Good luck! - Ellen

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