Sync Error with Collector and Ipads.

08-25-2014 10:05 AM
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Looking for anyone's experience with the following sync error in Collector:

Currently field testing collector and disconnected editing on two iOS Devices. One Ipad had no problem syncing once we were back in the office but the other keeps popping up with this error message.

"Unable to synchronize replica

Importing delta data changes failed."

Tech Details:

-Hosted feature service

-Trying to push 47 features (assortment of points, lines, polygons) currently

-No required fields to my knowledge

-Editor tracking disabled on the feature service.

-Updated Collector app and iOS operating system after errors appeared - no change

Any experience working around this is? Is there anyway to recover the day's worth of data from Collector?



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Ah, I'm only seeing two .geodatabase files, a json file, and a thumbnail right now.  Also, I'm only running version 10.2 currently but it's good to hear there's a tool in 10.3 which might help.   These sync errors are concerning as my field team wants to move from ArcPad to Collector.

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In your post from October 26, 2014 you mentioned testing a Javad GNSS receiver.  Were you ever able to do that and, if so, what were your results.  Also, do you have a price range for the Javad receiver used in your testing?

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Tanner- ever any luck? I've got this error now. I'm on a Samsung trying to sync 16 features. Seems like the same scenario as you had in 2014.

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I'm having the same problem:

"An error occurred while synchronizing edits - Unable to synchronize replica. - Importing delta data changes failed."  

Is there a way to save the edits done on the offline maps?

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