Re: Copying existing asset or observation not working.

05-31-2019 03:47 AM
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Hi Kylie,

I appreciate if give feedback on my below queries...

I'm designing and planning to use Collector for ArcGIS to collect defects/faults. 

I created a point feature service and consumed in collector..


- I'm unable to fetch/copy attribute information from polygon feature. I need to copy only few attribute information, and those information will be use as a reference ID for the defect in the point feature.

- I have list of multiple faults category and subtypes, eg: Fault-> subtype1-> subtype2-> subtype3. my requirement is if I select major fault category, then associated subtype1 should be listed in the next field and if I select subtype1 then subtype2 should be shorted accordingly and same with selection of subtype2.

- How to control basemap in collector for ArcGIS?, I need to turn off all default basemap except shared organization basemap.

- we have requirement to control attachments, not more than 4. means user cannot attached more than 4 pictures of defect. is there any way to control attachments in collector or from feature service?



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