QR/Barcode Scanning Populating Multiple Fields

a week ago
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I'm trying to populate multiple fields using a scanned QR code. A forum from 2017 suggests using the substring function, however I encounter two issues:

1. The substring function only appears to work on data I've already collected, whereas I was hoping for newly scanned data to have several fields populated automatically as well.

2. Ideally the attributes would not all be the same length.

Ex. Scanning a QR code on a street sign. The asset has attributes for QR_CODE, ID, TYPE, SHAPE.

String passed via QR Code #1 = "123, Yield, Triangle"
String passed via QR Code #2 = "4567, No Parking, Rectangle"

When the QR Code is scanned it would populate the QR_CODE field with an abovementioned string, which would be used to populate the rest of the attributes.

If using substrings is the only option I could ensure all attributes are the same length (ie. QR #1 becomes "0000123, YLD, TRI" and QR #2 becomes "0004567, NOP, REC") but, again, when running a calculated field it only applied the calculation on existing row items. When a new asset was scanned in the field the ID, TYPE, SHAPE fields were left blank, despite the QR_CODE field being populated with the correct string.

Is this doable in the current Collector environment?

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