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Photo EXIF direction not showing

08-09-2020 02:50 PM
New Contributor II
Hello We have been using Collector for a very long time and use it in all kinds of projects.
Not very long ago, we had projects where we had to collect 1 points, comments and 1 photo.
The photo was used to create a register with name, coordinates and direction of the photo.
Everything works perfectly. Now, we have to do this type of project and take 4 photos on 4 cardinal points (north, east,
south, west). To avoid the field teams having to write the cardinal point of each photo,
we wanted to use the direction present in the EXIF file of each photo. But surprise, 
the direction of only the first photo is saved, the rest are still north (0 degrees). Is this normal behavior, or some other parameter must be set up under Collector?  The tests were done under an iPhone 8 and Collector 20.2.2.
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