Logged into collector but everything I do is anonymous

10-09-2020 09:49 AM
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Having an issue in collector where it will not let me act as the user I am signed in as. I have editing enabled on a layer with the setting that editors can only edit their own features, I created the feature I'm trying to edit, it will not work. If I add a new feature it will not update the creator field, which I assume mean it's an anonymous edit; so it seems that for whatever reason within collector I'm an anonymous user somehow.

Is this a known bug? Is there any solution?


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Hi Carl Vricella‌,

How did you enable editor tracking on this layer? There are a few methods of accomplishing this workflow. Also, where are you observing the Creator field; is this within Collector or are you inspecting the features in the Web Map in ArcGIS Online or Portal?

In Collector, we show the Created by field near the top of the popup after creating a new feature. For existing features we display the Edited by fields. You can also modify the popup in the Web Map to display all the editor tracking fields in the popup.



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