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01-17-2014 05:56 AM
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Has anyone tried using an external bluetooth GPS receiver with Collector?  If so, how has it performed and what model/make is the receiver?  We're looking to get sub-meter accuracy using Collector and am curious if anyone has had success doing this.

Thanks in advance!
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I looked into all the external GPS that is compatible with Esri Collector App (as per their website) and summarized their prices and accuracies below:

Eos Arrow 100 GNSS60 cm$2,995.00http://www.eos-gnss.com/arrow-100/#1457111287037-5f435b5a-f6e1
EOS Arrow Lite GPS60 cm$1,995.00http://www.eos-gnss.com/arrow-lite/
Eos Arrow 200 GNSS1 cm$6,995.00http://www.eos-gnss.com/arrow-200/ 
 CHC X 20i  $3,765.00http://www.resourcesupplyllc.com/shop/products/gnss-receivers/x20i/ 
Dual XGPS 150A2.5 m $99http://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-product/xgps150a/
Dual XGPS 1602.5 m $139.95http://gps.dualav.com/explore-by-product/xgps160/ 
Geneq SxBlue II60 cm$1,695.00http://www.sxbluegps.com/product/sxblue-2plus-gnss/ 
Geneq SxBlueIII1 cm $6,195.00http://www.sxbluegps.com/product/sxblue-iiiplus-gnss/ 
Trimble R1< 1 m $2,500https://www.trimble.com/mappinggis/r1-gnss-receiver.aspx 
TrimbleR24 - 30 cm$8,995http://www.trimble.com/mappingGIS/R2-GNSS-Receiver.aspx?tab=Features_and_Benefits 
Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor1 m $599.99https://bad-elf.com/collections/bluetooth-gps/products/be-gps-3300
Bad Elf GPS Pro2.5m (9 ft) $199.99https://bad-elf.com/pages/be-gps-2200-detail
Bad Elf GPS Pro+ 2.5m (9 ft)$299.99https://bad-elf.com/pages/be-gps-2300-detail

Correct be if I am wrong, but although submeter accuracies can be obtained with high-end GPS,  Collector App does not claim an accuracy less than 5m in its current version.



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Small Correction: The 5m floor you are referencing is true of positional data that is passed through the corelocation framework to apps making the call for positional data.  When collector makes calls for data directly from external GPS Receivers this limitation isn't present.  Direct integration with Bad Elf Devices occurred last summer and I know Esri has done the same with other hardware manufacturers: GPS receiver support—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

Collector just needs to be configured to use the device you've chosen to supply the more accurate data stream, our help article on this process can be found here: Configuring Esri Collector for ArcGIS - Bad Elf 

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The latest version of Collector (v10.4) now has Location Profile settings that enable it to work at sub-meter, sub-foot and Centimeter level accuracy levels from external high accuracy receivers.  These version updates from ESRI occurred in July (for iOS), Aug (for Win 10) and Oct (for Android).

For Trimble devices (the R1 and R2) your local Reseller can walk you through the settings needed to initially configure Collector to achieve these results. The R1 is sub-meter.  The R2 has several models; from sub-meter to Centimeter capable and prices range from $2,700 to around $12,000 depending on accuracy desired and correction source.  

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Here is a list manufacture / accuracy comparisons done by the USDA Forrest Service. (Open, Medium, & Heavy Canopy)

The Trimble specs need updating.
The R1 is capable of  <1m to 0.5m accuracy depending on correction serviced used.  Pricing $2,495
The R2 is capable of <1m to 1cm accuracy depending on receiver configuration and correction service used.  Pricing is $2,795 - $13,090 (GPS Only Sub-Meter to GNSS CM w/ Radio)
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You might consider the Arrow 100 GNSS Arrow 100 - Eos Positioning System . It provides 60cm accuracy (2dRMS, 95%) with just free WAAS signal. If connected to an RTK Network then you'll get subfoot with the same receiver. It supports all current constellations concurrently: GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou. It is fully compatible with Collector running on iOS, Android and Windows. You might want to take a look at some performance results here Comparison Results of Field-Tested Submeter GNSS . You may want to inquire Contact - Eos Positioning Systems to get in touch with your nearest dealer and take it for a trial. 

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