Collector for ArcGIS not syncing

05-11-2018 11:44 AM
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Happy Friday fellow mappers!

We are running Collector on a Samsung S7 and accessing a webmap that I downloaded onto the device yesterday from our Portal. Earlier this week we synced back after taking the map offline without any problem. Now however, no dice. I've attached the screenshot of the error. 

I also tried the manual method of using the runtime to fgdb tool. ArcMap says it cannot open the runtime geodatabase. I pulled the runtime geodatabase into DB browser for SQLite and it tells me that the disk image is malformed.

Any ideas why this worked earlier this week and now we are banging our heads on the wall or how to get our field data edits into our enterprise geodatabase??



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Unfortunately I encounter this issues today with the new ArcGIS Fieldmaps app. The geodatabase is not recoverable. I have to manually enter all the data again. This is so frustrating.

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