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Collector applicable for indoor use?

11-18-2015 12:42 PM
New Contributor

I'm interested in using Collector for indoor facilities. I plan to have a layer for each floor of a building, and eventually create a 3D facility map.

The first issue is obviously the fact that GPS is not accurate indoors. I would like the option of permanently turning off the GPS locator. When I collect a new feature, the map extent would not change, and I would be able to manually select the location.

Is this possible in Collector? Is this a feature that will be considered? If not, what do you recommend as a tool for indoor feature collection? Should I attempt to create a tablet data collection tool from scratch using ArcGIS Runtime SDK?

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Esri Regular Contributor

As long as OS location service provide accuracy indoor location, Collector can leverage it. For example, in iOS if you survey your area with this app Apple indoor positioning app 'Indoor Survey' spotted on iOS App Store , you can get better indoor positioning accuracy in that area for iOS core location service, Collector will leverage those good indoor locations.

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Occasional Contributor III

You can tell Collector to not use your device's location services or you can just turn them off on the device and Collector will let you place everything manually. All our features are located manually this way - we tend to use location services to just get us to roughly the right point on the map.

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