Collector 17.0.4 iPhone Sign In Change?

12-11-2017 05:04 PM
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Hi All

To be upfront may not be 100% related to 17.0.4 and here are my brief observations (aka no exhaustive testing) ...

Prior to 17.0.4 we would have sign ins as:

Android; <username>@<DOMAIN> case sensitive

iOS; <username> lowercase

With 17.0.4 the above sign ins still work connecting to ArcServer 10.3.1

With 17.0.4 and ArcServer 10.5.1 we are now seeing:

- Android; no change

- iOS - iPAD; <username> lower case; all good

- iOS - iPhone; <username> lower case; basemaps load, though no add data symbol  and routing fails

- iOS - iPhone; <username>@<domain> lower case; all good

- iOS - iPhone; <username> case sensitive; all good

- iOS - iPhone; <username>@<DOMAIN> case sensitive; all good

To add some confusion, some users can still login fine all lowercase on iOS - iPhone (and their AD account has capitals)

May help or hinder you 😕


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