Collector 10.2.2 Running Slower than 10.2 (Android 4.4.2)

03-24-2014 07:02 AM
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Hi all,
I'm starting to test Collector 10.2.2's offline ability (which is great!) on an HTC One(Android 4.4.2) and several Samsung Galaxy S3's(4.4.2 and prior). With all of these devices I'm experiencing a lot of load time when in the menus for collector. For instance when I press the options button on any item in the menus I can expect a 1 - 2 min wait time until Collector responds. I have my maps downloaded from AGOL and am using a base map that is side loaded onto each device. The nice thing is however that when I eventually open my map to view/edit/navigate it responds perfectly and all offline capabilities function without any troubles or waiting. Any ideas on how to address this?

Regardless of this issue, 10.2.2 is meeting a huge need. I really love what ESRI has done here, keep up the good work!

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