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01-03-2020 10:56 AM
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So I noticed something weird that just happened in either AGO or Collector. I created a feature service then created a map in AGO opened map in collector and it is now forcing the field i used to symbolize my layer on, (the one we want to edit), as being a required field. I have not seen this behavior before. Also it is treating the field that it is forcing to be required as a field with a domain value, when it is simply a text field with no domain and is set to allow Null values. 

It did this when I published from PRO and 10.7.1 and yes we are using the newest collector

anybody else seeing this. Thanks

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We are also seeing this, although our feature service is hosted through Portal. We are not seeing the oddball required field on the Webmap Viewer in Portal, but it shows up when we try to make edits in the Collector app for iPad. Same thing, it is the layer that we are using for symbolizing. No luck so far in fixing it, but if we figure it out I will update here. 

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