Simplify and standardize AGOL "enterprise" logins across apps

06-06-2019 08:37 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Please consider simplifying and standardizing the login process for ArcGIS Online enterprise organization users across apps (Collector, Survey123, Workforce, Explorer). Most users use more than one app and it can be frustrating and confusing to have slightly different login processes for each.

This is a summary of the sign in process for the Explorer app:

  1. Tap "SIGN IN"
  2. Tap "ArcGIS Online"
  3. Tap "Enterprise login"
  4. Enter "Your ArcGIS organization's URL"
  5. Select "Remember this URL"
  6. Tap "Continue"
  7. Tap your organization name on the "Enterprise login" section
  8. Enter your network credentials. Depending on your device's connection to company network resources, enter either a) Username and password or b) Email Address and password
  9. Tap "Sign In"

This process is essentially the same for the other apps, but can look and act differently. For example in Survey123 and Collector, you have the choice to use your "ArcGIS login" or your "Enterprise login", while in Explorer and Workforce your choices are "ArcGIS Online" and "ArcGIS Enterprise". The "Enterprise login" vs "ArcGIS Enterprise" is very confusing.

Also, Explorer and Workforce seem to default to the "ArcGIS login" and do not remember the organization URL even if the box is checked. The screen for entering network credentials is different for all four apps. I've attached pics.

The process for signing in has too many steps. It is frustrating to have to create slightly different "How to sign in" documents for each app.


I was just explaining this to someone today. "ArcGIS Login vs. Enterprise Login" for AGO should use "Organization" instead of "Enterprise" to reduce confusion.


It would also make it easier for users if there could be a way to only show the login they should be using in an organization that has both.  For example, a link for enterprise login users that only shows the enterprise login option.  Maybe this could be done with URL parameters, something like this:





Figured its worth mentioning that there are some ways to simplify this, but it's not implemented across all the apps and there are some bugs, so take it with grain of salt.

 1) If you use Mobile Device Management software, like Meraki, you can push the app out with settings preconfigured, like portalURL, in which case the app will know to use the enterprise login, and it will know the org URL, thus greatly simplifying login process - At least with current version of Explorer, there is a bug and this fails, but it might work for Collector or others.

2) Launch links or URL schemes. The idea is to create a shortcut that launches the app with url parameters, such as portalURL, itemID, etc... Again, you can simplify the sign in process. Again, bug with Explorer (supposedly works with windows version), but might work for other apps. Mileage varies but might be worth a try....

URL scheme -

Launch link - Deploy maps—Explorer for ArcGIS | Documentation 


Perhaps combine this idea with ? Both are excellent and very much needed. Thanks.