Run ESRI Collector in foreground to prevent timed auto lock

11-12-2020 02:09 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

When using ESRI Collector it is important that the app stays available for the user as long as the app is active. When the screen locks every time data can be lost. With centrally managed Mobile Device Management for business phones the automatic lock time will overrule the app and the screen of the mobile device will close.


Requested solution:

This feature can be overruled by the app, like with a navigation app that keeps the screen open when it is active.

The code of application ESRI Collector should have it run on the foreground, so it disables the timed auto lock on a mobile device when the app is running.


No drawbacks of this proposed solution are known to be expected if this feature would be configured, because the timed auto lock will still be effective if the app is closed.

Besides: this request was sent in earlier by other customers: “Keep Screen on While Collector is Open”. So there are more customers who have this request.

Moreover, we have experienced with other application providers that they were able to implement this feature, so we hope ESRI will be competent as well!