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ArcGIS Collector Ideas

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The functionality of ArcGIS Collector is now available in ArcGIS Field Maps. While existing ideas may be considered
for ArcGIS Field Maps, please submit new Collector ideas in the ArcGIS Field Maps idea exchange.

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In Product Plan
Currently you can set allow NULL values at the feature class and feature table level but it only works for non-versio...
by MelanieWawryk Occasional Contributor III
in ArcGIS Collector Ideas Last Updated 01-09-2020
6 0
In Product Plan
I think a "Dark Theme" button...especially for all apps to the field workers would be optimal in a sunny day. 
Anonymous User
by Anonymous User Not applicable
in ArcGIS Collector Ideas Last Updated 12-02-2020
18 2
In Product Plan
The new collector (Aurora) no longer supports location tracking. ESRI has promised a new app with better tracking.  I...
by JakeJacobs Occasional Contributor III
in ArcGIS Collector Ideas Last Updated 07-02-2020
62 44
In Product Plan
I'd like the ability to have 'smart' form entry with Collector.  For example, if field A equals 'True' then field B, ...
by mpboyle Regular Contributor
in ArcGIS Collector Ideas Last Updated 06-18-2020
321 15
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