Custom URL scheme in Collector ,Survey123 and Workforce iOS Devices

02-04-2021 07:52 PM
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From the years of experience with ArcGIS Web,Desktop and Mobile platform we all have leveraged the ability of the Custom URL Schema with collector and survey123 and has taken the advantage to solve a lot of problems and address the business requirements. We have understood that ArcGIS Collector and Survey123 has allow only certain URL schemas as below :

  • arcgis-appstudio-player
  • arcgis-quickcapture
  • arcgis-collector
  • arcgis-trek2there
  • arcgis-explorer
  • arcgis-navigator
  • arcgis-workforce
  • comgooglemaps
  • foreflightmobile
  • waze
  • spike-partner


Today I would like to propose to utilize the iOS capabilities to the max by allowing the "shortcuts://" as the custom URL schema so that all the iOS users can take the full power of the latest generation iPads. 


One very simple example I would like to put out is as below :

Question :  I would like to access the documents that are stored in the Files app with the features on the collector.

Approach : 

1. Open the files application , locate your files 

2. Open iOS Shortcuts application , build your custom shortcut example : Get file and Open the File in Acrobat reader 

3. Go to collector and Configure the Popups and enter any free text and hyperlink as below :

  • Spoiler

 here the myfile.pdf can be derived from any attribute in the feature class.

4. with this you can access the files on your iPad from Collector. 


This is one simple example , but we will be limitless in utilizing the abilities of the iOS platform using the ESRI Mobility applications. 


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