Collector - Copy Shape AND Attributes from one layer to another

11-27-2017 01:49 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Add an enhancement to Collector when copying and pasting so the shape and attributes can be copied and pasted. 

Currently there are three options

-Like this one (goes into the same layer as the copy source)

      Copy attributes and shape

-Like this one, new shape (goes into the same layer as the copy source)

      Copy attributes only

-With the same shape

      Different feature, copy shape

Add Option

-Like this one 

      Copy attributes and shape to different feature

The layers need to have the same schema, similar to ArcGIS functionality.  


Our group would like to have this type of option as well but just for the shape. Copy the polygon from one layer into another layer and the receiving layer would open for you to add new attributes. We use Collector to map invasive species and treatments of those populations. Most of the time the area where you mapped the invasive is also the same as the area you are treating. This functionality would allow the user to select the invasive species population polygon to treat, copy the polygon, and then enter the treatment information.


Lynne, we have a similar workflow with invasive species. A single area valid for several records (1 record per invasive species and related attributes/treatment/etc)
It would be great to be able to use ArcGIS Collector to copy the shape and location of a feature, alongside its attribute for exactly that purpose.
This functionality seemed to exist with Collector (Classic) as per: Add a feature—Collector for ArcGIS (Classic) | ArcGIS , but not available in ArcGIS Collector anymore


Allow users to copy and paste a feature from one feature layer to another like users could in Collector for ArcGIS (Classic).




It is definitely frustrating that it was available with old (classic) version but not anymore!  I plan to have field crews use Classic when needed, but worry that this version will not be available with time.

Please add function to Field Maps!