Auto Increment ID Field for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior

03-24-2017 03:31 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to have  auto Increment ID fields for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior. For example, I need a filed which will automatically generate a unique ID for a new sample taken based on some rules, e.g. <Year><Surveyor Initials><Code Word><Int number>.

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mant‌ Have you made any progress on this? We're trying to do something similar. Thanks for posting.

Not in Collector. At the DB level via triggers.

I need to auto generate unique site IDs from the project area polygon that I am currently in, along with the next available integer, e.g. "Discovery Bay 001". Sequential numbers help organize the workflow in time and space as field staff move along the shoreline. New sites are frequently collected, but old sites are also revisited. It is tedious to keep track of the next available sequential number.

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We use collector as part of a hydrant inspection workflow, storing inspections in a related table. If a new hydrant is found the field user can collect it, but we need a unique (and friendly) AssetID for the hydrant-to-inspection relationship

Same for us.

We would like an auto incremented number for our use in Workforce, Collector, and Survey 123 records. Field workers will work with numbered tickets and those numbers should be generated automatically. If possible, adding the ability to have the auto number prefaced with values from a polygons field, that would be icing on the cake. Refer to Mike Dawson's comment as example.

This would be useful for so many applications...the only available unique auto ID is GlobalID which is too long to be useful, or ObjectID which is not suitable as it does not conform to a customised pattern such as 0001, 0002, etc.

I want it to be able to add a spatial feature, automatically assigned a short unique sequential ID, which is then the key for a related table which then inherits that same ID. This is for observations of fauna or flora at a mapped sampling site.

I am also looking into something like that. It has been a great problem to have a retained ID field that is not a GlobalID

We would also like this option.