Auto Increment ID Field for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior

03-24-2017 03:31 PM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to have  auto Increment ID fields for ArcGIS Collector with customized behavior. For example, I need a filed which will automatically generate a unique ID for a new sample taken based on some rules, e.g. <Year><Surveyor Initials><Code Word><Int number>.

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This would be a great option to have.


We desperately need this too for a web editing field inspection scenario.

HEY ESRI!  - Anyone listening???


Like most others here, being able to auto-generate unique ids in Workforce, Collector, Survey 123, etc would be very helpful. It will keep things organized without relying on the user to come up with a unique id or "fat finger" a specific pattern that must be manually typed in.



USGS here...I think it's fair to say that the geologic mapping community at large, beyond federal government is in need of this capability. Geologists collect points and lines in the field, with domains. They also collect physical samples to take back to the lab for testing. Having the ability to generate a sampleID based on a station(observation point) would help immensely. Even more, if they could collect and log multiple physical samples and associate each with the station.

Ability to auto-generate IDs (stations) and also subIDs(samples) from IDs. And increment subIDs(samples).


Has anybody on this thread tried using NextSequenceValue in Arcade to make this work on the feature service in Collector?  Data Functions | ArcGIS for Developers 

Because that function relies on already having a sequence configured in the database, I think you'd have to be working with an enterprise geodatabase, with the service referencing the data (i.e. not a hosted feature service).

Create Database Sequence—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 


If this is the case, it will not work for our workflow. All mobile collection is occurring via our orgs AGOL subscription. Working on a cloud based deployment of Enterprise, could possibly make our versioned managed services that reference an egdb work using this option, but what a pain. We also do not know the long term viability in funding for our cloud implementation. Likely a TON of folks that need this utility via AGOL. 


  would be a good up vote for you.


Done. Thanks for the link!


Same for us also.


Yes I tried it and works nicely but only problem is it's not supported in collector or survey123 offline. I am waiting on that functionality.