Add Warning for Incorrect Input Type - Collector for ArcGIS (iOS)

06-29-2017 07:46 AM
Status: Open
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A brief search did not return this issue - In Collector if a user incorrectly inputs text into a numeric attribute field there is no warning, and the user can proceed to complete any additional data entry and submit the feature or updates. The submission completes, however the incorrect input is not saved the fields are returned to null/blank - and the user may not realize this is happening. I have observed this at least for ArcGIS Server feature services.

It would be good to have a warning or check in place to prevent the user from unknowingly inputting data that will not save. For example in the basic web map viewer you get the warning shown:

Please let me know if I'm overlooking something here.



by Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Paul! I was using a hosted feature service, but I took a look and I see a message on Windows (and submit is disabled), and Android restricts the keyboard to only numeric options. However, I do see something similar on iOS (there is no message, but the value entered is replaced with a 0 and providing more fields or submitting can be done). Are you seeing this on iOS?

We are working on making the messages and experience consistent across the platforms.


Thanks for checking on this Kylie!

Yes I am looking at this on iOS, and so was the user experiencing the issue. I went ahead and changed the title to reflect the the OS.


Paul Stephenson‌ this should be supported in our latest Collector releases.