Add a toggle to in Collector switch data collection between cross hair method or tap on screen method

09-02-2020 02:34 PM
Status: Open
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In Collector for ArcGIS add an editing preference that can be toggled to switch between the current cross hair data collection method and the Collector Classic method of tapping on the screen to add new points.  When collecting lines or polygons the current collection method in the new Collector essentially doubles the workload if you are not physically at your feature.  Collecting features from a remote location currently requires the user to pan the map and click add point, pan the map and click add point, etc.  In collector classic the user could simply and quickly tap the screen to add the points of the line.  This allows much more rapid data collection.  In some applications speed is preferential to accuracy.  Adding a toggle in the editor preferences would allow the user to choose which method they prefer.  collector arcgis #collector for arcgis app

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Agreed. Me and my team do a lot of field mapping and really prefer being able to draw features by mapping on the screen. Also collector classic allows the mapper to delete and redraw a polygon/line without deleting the whole feature and its attributes from the database. However, in the new collector the only way to remove a feature's shape is to delete individual vertices. For features with a significant number of vertices that process is often prohibitive due to time constraints while working in the field. I do enjoy a lot of the new features of collector but editing features was much better in collector classic.