Add necessary GNSS fields for Collector App metadata logging

06-06-2016 12:19 PM

Add necessary GNSS fields for Collector App metadata logging

Model to add the metadata logging fields to a feature needed in the Collector app 10.4.0 build 1342

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Please visit GitHub - Esri/collector-tools ( for a collection of scripts and tools to perform Collector specific tasks related to the Collector mobile app including: 


Use the above CollectorUtils.tbx when working through workflow outlined in the documentation - Configure GPS metadata storage—Collector for ArcGIS 




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Note that we recently added support for two new metadata attributes (CorrectionAge and Station ID).  The github repo dking-esristaff mentions above has been updated to include these new metadata fields.

I'm using Collector 10.4 on an iPhone 5 with the latest OS update.  I have used the scripts in ArcMap 10.3.1 to add metadata fields to my feature classes and shared them to our organization's portal.  However, the GNSS fields are not updated when collecting data.  We are not using an external GPS device, just the internal receiver on the phone.  Must one have an external receiver in order to populate the GNSS fields?  Thank you.

I asked the same question in this thread. You should be able to populate the GNSS fields if they are properly set-up.  That thread also contains some help links.

Thank you for your reply.  I had previously read that thread but it did not really answer my question fully.  Mr. Morgenthaler wrote " Depending on the receiver we may only get a subset of the information about the position (in these cases the OS does not provide all the information to us)" and I would appreciate clarification on what information the receiver will provide.  I used the scripts as intended and was unable to populate any fields.  I would like to report the limitations to our client in detail.  

If you are using an external receiver and set up in collector, all metadata fields should be getting populated when you use the GPS location.  

If you are using the device's internal GPS -or- connecting an external receiver to the device only without setting the receiver up  you will get a subset of metadata information.  This will vary by platform (iOS, Android, Windows).

Couple of points to consider:

- GNSS metadata is only supported on point layers.

- If you are using the map to set the location then the information will not be stored (sort of obvious but wanted to point it out in case that was how you were testing)

Doug - can you explain why the X,Y of a recorded point and it's corresponding Lat, Long metadata values are not the same?

See this screenshot from an iPad.  Position data from a Trimble R2 high-accuracy receiver.screenshot of Collector point feature and its metadata

Hi Gale-

This is typically because the lat/long in the metadata is the position coming in from the receiver, whereas the point geometry's XY is after any datum transformations have been applied.

Doug - new question...

After the latest June 2017 update that includes point averaging - what happens to the GNSS metadata when Averaging is Enabled?

(It seems something might be amiss...)

Hi Gale -- Some of the values aren't recorded if you are doing GPS averaging since there isn't a value for them that corresponds to the final, averaged position. There are also some new fields only used if you are averaging, and if you want to take advantage of those, you'll need to configure your feature service to contain the appropriate fields. For a list of the fields we expect in the metadata when averaging, please see Record GPS metadata—Collector for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

If this doesn't explain what you are seeing, could you clarify what you are seeing that seems off? 

Is their a script that includes the fields for point averaging?

Hi Mark, 

Link to the collector utilities scripts --> collector-tools/CollectorUtils at master · Esri/collector-tools · GitHub 

- Carol

Will you be adding support for this toolbox so that it can add the necessary metadata fields to lines and polygons?


Currently we only support populating GNSS metadata to point feature. For lines and polygons, can you share your requirements on what you'd like to see?  Is this something that you'd want to have access to full GNSS metadata for each vertex, or just some summary statistics for all vertices that comprise the line or polygon (e.g. average horizontal/vertical accuracy).  

Those links for the GNSS give a 404 error...

Hi Melanie-

You can follow the link to the python scripts via our help topic, or here is the direct link to the GitHub repo.

Hey Doug,

Summary statistics for lines and polygons would be great.


Heidi Ogle

Hi All,

Is this feature available for Line Features?


Hi Andrew -- GPS metadata is populated on point layers only. If this is something you'd make use of for lines, it would be helpful to have some additional information about how you'd use them and what you'd like to see. Please also let us know if you'd want to have access to full GNSS metadata for each vertex, or summary statistics for all vertices that comprise the line or polygon (e.g. average horizontal/vertical accuracy). Thanks!

I would like to have both the functionality for the vertex and the average information for the over all line. With the averaged overall line accuracy being of higher priority to end users both in field and in office. This specific need is becoming a more consistent request from clients, especially in the Oil and Gas industry. 

Kylie, This vertex metadata store would be extremely helpful for polygon's. When finding boundaries, we can use a county parcel layer and update the existing polygon with the sub-cm level pin shot at each corner. Having the quality of each of these shots is critical information for QA.

Thank you

When using a Trimble GeoXH to collect point and polygon data, there are summary statistics for the precision of the GPS data collected. As our firm is transitioning from using Trimble Geos to R1's connected to tablets running Collector, we need this same ability for reporting precision.

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