Tut. 13: Facade Wizard

06-12-2020 07:53 PM
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Hi, having some problems with this interesting topic.

  1. setting up repeated areas - not at all clear what the tutorial instructs us to do in the image below and accompanying text. What do the read arrows refer to? In subsequent instructions, we divide up the tiles. I was expecting these divisions to repeat in other tiles, but they don't. Any clarification appreicated.

2. There's some big jumps in presumed comprehension of CGA when it comes to the next steps in this tutorial. I have found this to be the case in preceding tutorials relating explicitly to CGA also. As a result, I've resigned to flicking through the tutorials and hoping I will get my head around this material when I apply CE to a real project. This is regrettable. For instance, in this tutorial, I get the following error when simply trying to set up a simple model. I don't think the preceding training has built us up sufficiently to write this CGA from scratch:

I'm going to complete these tutorials (even if I don't fully comprehend the content), then move on to the e-Learning platform.

Cheers, Richard 

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