ShapeL and ShapeU - applied to the up slope side of the building?

02-05-2014 05:43 AM
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I'm applying either an L or U shape to my building and I find that I can't control where the L and U is oriented on the building, it appears that it defaults to the up slope side of the building regarless of which side I have identified as the front. Is there a way to control which side of the building the L or U is applied?
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Hi !

shapeL(), shapeO(), shapeU() need a 'yUp' scope to work properly.

Learn more about scope here:

Thus, if you want to orient the L or U, you need to orient the scope appropriately first.


when you have a vertical facade shape, use :

attr rotation = 90

Facade -->

    alignScopeToGeometry(yUp, any, world.lowest)
    rotateScope(0,rotation, 0)
    shapeL ...

Let me know if this makes sense ..

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