How do I start a project if I don't have Archice File?

08-28-2013 09:01 AM
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Just completed the Modeling a City Using Esri CityEngine online course - great course, learned lots, ready to get started.

However - I'm stumped right at the start.  In the tutorial is says to import the Honolulu archive file - this seems to setup the Navigator window with all the proper folders shown etc.

However, now I'm trying to start my own workspace/project to use my own data, but I of course don't have a nicely packaged Archive File.  I switch to my new Workspace and then I try to create a new City Engine Scene, I specify my project file as /ce.lib/scenes then my new file name and proper coord system.  The wizard finishes, but of course my Navigator window is blank.

Could someone explain to me how I get the folders to show in the Navigator window?  I want to start importing my aerial imagery and terrain, but can't see the files to drag them in.
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to post all my details...
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