Extrude buildings from DTM to DSM

06-03-2014 11:35 PM
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At this very moment, we are scanning Denmark with high resolution Lidar. (See attached picture) I was wondering if it was possible to extrude my building polygons, a little smarter than I???m currently doing. At this point I???m using my Lidar to assign a Z value to my polygons.
I would like to create a DTM and a DSM and then extrude my buildings between those two layers. That way my buildings would get
the right slope of the roof. Then it could be nice to split the roof from the building, to assign textures to it. Could something like that that be a possibility.

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CityEngine is not designed to do this. CE cannot process LIDAR data.

There's companies that can process it and derive the 3D Model from it ( possibly untextured though ).

I'd recommend you use such a service. Otherwise, you may try if ArcGIS can process the things to get your desired output ..

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I would consider using the 3d City template and then utilize the tools to apply the roof heights.  The template is available here on GitHub.

Once the values are added to the polygons, using ArcScene or ArcGlobe and setting the extrusion to the value obtained.  Please continue to look at the GitHub site as new tools are being developed all the time. They may be of use to help modify the block buildings created by the process you have described.

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