Exporting shapes from City Engine.

05-01-2013 11:54 AM
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When you draw or apply a CGA rule in CE are the shapes and polygons drawn using
rules of geometry ? ( ie . engineering quality as in CAD programs) And when you export roads (for example) to a CAD program - do the CGA rules still apply - like are the lanes and curbs added to the road geometry and are they drawn accurately?

As roads are subject to extensive rules that dictate horizontal and vertical geometry it would be great to be able
to export accurate geometric roads and parcel or site boundaries after applying the CGA rule.

Hope this makes sense!!

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1 shape + 1 rule = 1 model.

models can be exported.

means you have e.g. a curves street shape as an input shape, plus the rule which creates the lanes, trees, cars, and so on. That resulting model then can be exported to an other 3d app. ( yes, with great precision ).

Though note this thread about georeferenced data :

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