Export building footprints as shapefiles with reported attributes

03-05-2014 10:05 PM
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I read this http://forums.esri.com/CityEngine/forum-36313.html and managed
to export shapefiles of CityEngine lots with attributes copied from the CGA reports.

Question: Is there any conceivable way to do the same, but instead of exporting the building lots,
export building footprints instead?

I have managed to export building footprint shapefiles by adding a boolean parameter EXPORTFOOTPRINTS
to my CGA script and something like this as a rule in some convenient point:

case EXPORTFOOTPRINTS == true : comp(f) {world.down = done. | all = NIL}

What it does it just deletes everything else except for the bottom face of the building.
Then I click on the "convert models to shapes" button, and the footprint turns to shape which I can then export as a SHP.
The problem is the created shape then doesnt have any attributes.

Is there any clever ways to combine those two processes?
Or is the only option to export the lots with attributes + footprints without attributes,
and then import them both to ArcGIS and see if they can somehow be combined there?

Thanks for any help,
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