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Creating Shape "Neighborhoods" for Large Model Export

04-15-2015 05:54 AM
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Greetings Experts!

I have a large geographic area of digitized buildings that I need to export to FBX format to push into Unity3d.  There are just too many objects in the scene (hundreds of thousands) to export at once, and Unity cant handle the large models on import.

I'd like to automate some sort of tiling of the scene to create "neighborhoods" that I could write out in chunks. Similar to tiling people do with terrains, but this time with model groups.  I am thinking I can find the geographic extent of the scene, tile it up into grids based on geospatial subsets, then test each shape centroid to see if it falls into that subset.  If it does, then  "tag" that shape with an attribute that would make it easier for me to identify those groups on export.  I need shapes that are spatially located together to stay together, because I am planning to dynamically load the associated models into the game view as you navigate around the scene in Unity. 

I would love to hear some suggestions for a better way to do this, or if anyone has experience tackling a similar problem.

Thanks in Advance!


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Brooks Patrick​ knows about CE to Unity. Brooks? 

(he is at a conference now, so let's give him time to answer)

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