Crashing while using "generate" button

05-06-2014 09:46 PM
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I've been trying City Engine for the past couple of days, and all of a sudden it started to crash as soon as I press the "gerate" button (as long as there's any city geometry involved). I've seen a thread that looks exactly like my problem, but it doesn't seem to be any answer for the reason behind this problem. Is it only solved by reinstalling?

I hope not. Right below it's the link for the similar thread (but I can't use that forum for some reason)

I also heard there might be good to have some "hs_error" file linked to the problem, so I've looked for it and found out. Therefore it's attached to the message.
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this thread is just a relict of the old procedural forum, it's inactive.

generate crashes are a bad thing..

can you try to:

- create a new project and use the same rule - does it crash there too ?
- if you still get a crash:
    - create a new workspace
    - delete the '.cityengine' folder in the user account

let me know ..

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