Advice on integrating a highway seamlessly into city layout in CityEngine?

12-06-2016 09:46 AM
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First, I should mention the circumstances under which I've been learning CityEngine. I'm a second-year undergraduate working in a research lab. We're creating a simulation for some clinical trials, and my institution offers CityEngine for academic use. I deemed (somewhat arbitrarily) CityEngine as the best means of creating the cityscape our simulation will be built on top of, a decision I haven't regretted  

At our last meeting, I was tasked with adding an intersecting highway to the existing city created. Given my limited knowledge of CityEngine, I'm still working out how to do this in a manner that looks natural and maintains some kind of realism. 

Would anyone perhaps be able to talk me through this process? My understanding of the current set of problems could be summarized as follows: 

(1) Realistic highways entail exits, which must further be integrated into the city's geography. It is my understanding that the 'Modern_Standard.cga' rule file contains some rules regarding the creation of exits and intersections. 

(2) While highways can be created, I've not found a way to make the highway running through the city appear realistic in the context of the rest of the layout. Even in a basic visual sense, there is usually a height differential associated with a highway (the highway is often several meters above ground in many urban contexts). I've not yet figured out how to make this. 

(3) Bridges - I understand that bridges can be generated, and that there are various rules governing their behavior in the rule file alluded to above. However, I must admit to some difficulty in grappling with how all the different parameters are modified. 

It would be reasonable to correlate my (somewhat haggard) tone with my (1) ignorance and (2) impending deadlines. If anyone is able to offer any advice or help talk me through this process, I would very much appreciate it  

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Jeffrey Wubbenhorst 

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