CityEngine Trial Licenses

10-20-2020 04:27 AM

CityEngine Trial Licenses

Hello CityEngine friends and potential CityEngine users!


For the time being, if you would like to download a free CityEngine trial, please download the CityEngine installer from here (Mac, Windows and Linux installers are available):


…and then activate the trial with this code:



Thank you

Your CityEngine Team


Hi Taisha,

I received this in my email feed from Esri. Is this for everyone or for a specific user?



Hey Bruce!

This is for everyone for now. 🙂

Thanks Taisha!!

Thanks Taisha Fabricius
This might be stretching the CE friendship a bit but any chance we can also get a 2020.1 version now as well?
The usual 30 Day Free Trial NEXT button seems to go nowhere at the moment ?


Hey Alan

Your wish is my command. 🙂 Check the link again.



Thank you so much Taisha, it's greatly appreciated.

Just a bit of feedback as to why I asked ... the 30 day free trial is/can be a real time saver for some of us who otherwise need to go through our IT departments in order to access these latest releases and then wait for them to be packaged up into official software updates. This way saves me days if not weeks sometimes and is especially handy if you want to test and implement something in the latest release (as is the case now) for an upcoming deadline.

Thank you once again. 

Alan K.     

I also encountered the same problem, and there is no response when I click Next

I a trial license still available? I would love to test drive 🙂

Hello @wkinsey4 

Yes, the CityEngine trial still works with the activation code provided in the initial post of this thread.

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