Is it possible to access prior year downloads for BA data? We have 2016-19 and would like to get 2014/2015

11-12-2019 02:55 PM
New Contributor

The earliest currently available on the My ESRI portal is 2017.   Can the 14/15 data be added for our organization?


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Eric,

I would recommend reaching out to either your Esri Customer Service representative or your Esri Account Manager for information about that.  I am on the Support Services side and have seen requests like this come around.  Generally one will see the vintage when they first purchased Business Analyst Desktop.

One specific issue with the 2014/2019 (as well as the 2013/2018) release is that it will have no business data as this was a different 3rd party data source than the one in new and older releases from those two year vintage (InfoGroup is the current data source).  If you do get access to this there will be install errors during the data install but one should be able to skip through them and finish the install normally.

Jason R.