Getting unhandled exception in BA - Failed to execute StoreSetupByTableComponent

07-16-2017 03:37 PM
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I already had setup candidate, competitor and existing stores and wanted to delete those and create afresh. I deleted the Candidate stores and tried to add them back but this time made the BA to create its own id. After i click finish, it throws this exception. I found that if i don't use the "create a unique id field for me" and use an in-built store id, there will not be any issues. 

Error message stack:

  Failed to execute StoreSetupByTableComponent

     Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.


Last call:

   at ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessing.GeoProcessorClass.ExecuteASync(String Name, IVariantArray ipValues)

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Hello, did you have any luck solving this one? I'm currently getting the same error message when I try to run a Store Setup with a csv file of addresses. Thanks, George

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Hi George,

For your problem with the .csv file I would recommend opening blank ArcMap and performing that base line test geocoding the sf_stores.dbf.  The reason for this again is to make sure the software is functioning as expected.

As long as the above test is fine I generally always shift input table formats as a rule.  Adding the .csv directly to the table of contents and then right clicking on the table and going to Export and output to a .dbf version of your file. Then try using the .dbf version as an input for Store Setup.

When there are input table problems sometimes one will get an error  upon  adding it or when exporting it which narrows troubleshooting focus on the input table.

Another time saver even though it is an extra step is using the Excel to Table gp tool (Conversion Tools) which will create a table feature class version.  I have found this can iron out a lot of issues, especially with Excel files, though naturally there are outliers.


Jason R.

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Hi Bright,

I can suggest a few troubleshooting steps that will help narrow down a cause.

First a baseline test open a blank map document and use Store Setup by tabular data and geocode the sf_stores.dbf located at C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2018\Datasets\Tutorial and for this first run do not select the option to have the tool create a new unique ID which I assume will run correctly.

If the baseline test works run through Store Setup with the same tutorial sf_stores.dbf but this time use the option to create a new ID field (I generally like BA_ID so I know this field was created by Store Setup).  Let me know how this second test goes and I can provide some further trouble shooting depending on success or failure.

Jason R.