Business Summary: How are co-working employees counted?

10-21-2019 11:41 AM
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For the Business Summary report: How do workers at companies leasing co-working space get counted for the employment numbers? Are they included by Esri? We’ve seen a big increase in the number of co-working spaces within the area we manage recently, so I’m curious how that might factor into employment numbers.

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Lee Ford-Dwyer, AICP

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Not sure if you have found this at this point in time but below is the official methodology for the InfoGroup business data which is used for the Business Summary report. 

Though it does not really go into any detail as to how the employee values are modeled unfortunately.

This is from a 3rd party site but does seem to contain more detailed information regarding how InfoGroup generates employee numbers.

Infogroup Methods - Infogroup Business USA - Data Planet LibGuides at Data Planet: A SAGE Publishing... 


Jason R.