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07-03-2020 02:20 PM
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I created a created a county level map using the custom data option in Business Analyst. The map renders in Business Analyst nicely and has a nice hover pop up. When I export the map to ARCGIS Online, the hover pop-up goes away. I tried to re-create the map using the new Minimal template in the Web App and it's not as nice as what was created in Business Analyst. Any way to get the Business Analyst version into ARCGIS Online or Hub without losing the hover pop-up?


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Hi LeeAnn,

On your question here are you actually working with an actual custom BDS layer or simply a polygon feature class/shapefile?


Jason R.

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Hi Jason -I am working with a BDS layer. Any help is appreciated!

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Custom BDS layers are basically just designed for use in ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop.  I would recommend exporting the Custom BDS to create a simple polygon feature class version to work with and see how the hover popups work locally and after pushing up to cloud world.

Jason R.

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Hello LeeAnne,

I agree it would be nice to have a hover over pop-up in ArcGIS Online similar to Business Analyst. May be you can submit this under the ArcGIS Online thread to get some feedback.

However, most template and the map viewer in ArcGIS Online only open the pop-up when clicking on the features on the map as follows:

You can also configure the layer's pop-up here if you like:


Fasil T.

Business Analyst Team