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Running ArcGIS through oracle

03-02-2024 05:29 AM
New Contributor

Im attempting to run ArcGIS through oracle on a mac since i know Arc isn't available normally on mac but i'm struggling to find a direction as I'm fairly new to it My lecturer is of 0 help and all the mac using students have been left to rot in a sense. Any suggestions on guides or step by steps would be much appreciated.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

I will be honest, I am a little confused as you mention installing ArcGIS Pro on a Mac ( but also say "...through oracle ..".

Do you mean the MAC machine also has Oracle installed?

See the link above about running ArcGIS Pro on a Mac.

--- George T.
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I was scratching my head about the Oracle thing for a minute as well, but I'm guessing they mean Oracle VirtualBox.

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