Bug or feature? Attachments viewer mobile app photos blurred

06-01-2021 09:40 PM
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Hi, community!

We are working on a mobile app that is created with ArcGIS AppStudio and we are using an attachments viewer template. Everything works fine except the pictures in the media section of the app are kinda blurred and it does not look very professional. We tried to rescale pictures or change the format but it did not help. The pictures are high quality. In an instruction video of ESRI, it seems that their pics are blurred as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4_dpkh8l2w&t=223s) (4:13s) so it seems it is a feature and not a bug. I am right? If it is a bug is there any way to get my pics sharp and clean looking? 

Thanks a lot for your ideas!


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Hi Rob

I'm not too sure what exactly would cause this, but you could have a play with the various settings for the display of the images on that page and see if you can improve it. My guess would be it's something to do with how the QML Image object is scaling down the graphic.

In the Attachment Viewer template, the file you want to open should be:


and there is an "Image" object at about line 43. Have a read of the QML documentation here:


and see if you can find a combination of settings that improves the quality.

Maybe play with the fillMode, the sourceSize, mipmap or smooth?

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Robert,


Thank you for your interest in the Attachment Viewer template. 

This is by design to optimize the performance. 

However, you can change the image resolution in the code based on your need.  To do this, 

1. Select Attachment Viewer app in Desktop and open in Qt Creator (Click on Edit icon on side panel)

2. Navigate to AttachmentViewer/modules/LayerManager.qml file

3. Go to line 412 and 414, and replace 200 with a higher number such as 400, 600 or even 800 (Please test in mobile devices to find the best value)



I hope this helps.



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