Trying to make a highlighted icon display on top of original icon

07-12-2016 01:35 PM
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We have a graphic layer in which we show security events as icons overlayed on top of the map.

If an icon is selected, we create a larger brighter icon and that shows on top of the smaller original icon.

We updated our API to the latest release recently and since then our highlight icons only sometimes work.  It seems that there was a change in the way ESRI handles the graphics and will on random occasions try to keep the smaller icons on top of the larger highlighted icon.  And it does this no matter what we do.

I tried fixing this issue by changing the Z-Index.  But apparently ESRI doesn't always look at the Z-Index and actually ignores it!!!!!  (isn't this graphics management 101???)

So our second approach was to create a second graphic layer.  However once we put anything into the second layer the first layer gets ignored and does not display anything.

My questions:

  Is there a way to STOP ESRI from this display algorithm of smaller icons on top of larger icons?

  Will replacing the default renderer with the SimpleRenderer resolve the issue?

  Is the API limited to only a single Graphic layer?  And if not is there a way to display both graphic layers at once?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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