64-bit compatibility

11-02-2012 07:40 AM
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This question may be for one of the ESRI engineers. I am developing a project with both the Silverlight and WPF control (for web client and desktop client). I have done all the development and testing in 32-bit machines. I was wondering if the controls are compatible with 64-bit machines and if there are issues we need to look forward to when using them in 64-bit.
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The ArcGIS Silverlight and WPF dlls are compiled with the 'AnyCPU' option, so they can be used for x86, x64 or anycpu executable.

It is the JIT compiler that generates an assembly code that's compatible with the requested target.
I am myself regularly working with both machines (x86 and x64) and I never noticed specific issues for 64bits.
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