JSAPI 3.14 released July 15, 2015

07-16-2015 07:48 AM
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Version 3.14 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript has been released. Read about it in the blog http://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2015/07/15/arcgis-api-for-javascript-version-3-14-released// or check out the details in the Whats New https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/jshelp/whats_new.html​.

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Some suggestions on the LayerList class, since it's still officially in Beta. I'm basing these off a preliminary test using this sample, which purposely uses a map service with many groups and layers with scale ranges

  • add the ability to collapse the sublayers when their parent layer is turned off
  • add the ability to exclude layers from a layer (for example, I'd only like to see the Beaches group)
  • indicate which layers are not visible due to being outside the scale limit (see Beach Status layers)

It would be helpful to have a sample that doesn't use a web map. The sample provided is a little confusing at first, since it uses the layer property in the constructor that isn't in the documentation. There's a layer object in the layers property, however. But if you use it like this

var myWidget = new LayerList({

    map: map,

    layer: testLayer

}, "layerList");

then the base map is also included.

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Should also consider:

- Combined Legend / TOC

- roll up sublayers when parent collapsed, and make sure all checkboxes are synced

(They were not, on the sample. Sublayers remained checked when parent was turn off.)

- Transparency slider

- add + and - or ► and next to the left of each parent layer in TOC to imply it is expandable.

- tooltip hint to user on hovering over greyed scale-dependent layers, to "zoom in to see the layer" or something to that effect.

Anyone else interested in Legend in TOC?

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There seems to be an issue with the compact library?

Testing the install in my development space no map will render and I receive no console errors.

Is this a know issue?



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Yes, there is a known issue with 3.14compact.  It will be patched tonight hopefully.

In the meantime, if you zoom in you will see the map...

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Hi Bjorn,

It seems that 3.14 compact build still has issue.

If you have any information, I would like to know when it will be fixed.

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Thank you for your response.

It seems that downloading version of 3.14 compact build is not working correctly.

I can see the map when I zoom in though.

Patrick wrote that "Testing the install in my development space.... ",

So I thought you are talking about downloading version.

Sorry for my misunderstanding and not providing enough information.

Also I got an answer form Esri support service today.

The answer is that the issue will be fixed in version 3.15 release.

Thank you.

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Thanks, Bjorn. You weren't kidding when you said very soon.

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All right, so this update 3.14 is heavy and really awesome.

Elevation Profile widget! Nice. Can we use our own lidar data DEM?  Seems like it takes a GPServer (ElevationProfile | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript ) i.e. Tools/ElevationSync (GPServer)​  as an option. If we set our own up and wire it to our local LIDAR I guess we should be able to?  If so, that's huge.

LayerList..this is big.  A really important component (if they combine Legend and tweak UI).

Great work ESRI guys and gals, thank you. People will definitely be able to put this to use!

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